"The most important political office is that of the private citizen."
- Louis D. Brandeis

At Citizen Access TV we want to provide citizens the ability to monitor the actions of their local government officials. It is our responsibility as citizens to watch our officials performing their jobs, and to ensure they do this openly and above the laws we have all chosen to live by.

  • We can accomplish this by doing any, and perferable all of the thing listed below.
  • Hold our officials responsible for the words they speak and the actions they take.
  • When in doubt.. ASK QUESTIONS! If your officials will not answer you directly submit a PRA request.
  • If you believe you are right, SPEAK UP. Voice your opinions and have facts to back those opinions up.



We offer the use of our equipment to record and or Live Stream public meetings. We will train you to use our equipment properly and deliver a great resource for fellow citizens to use when forming their opinions. We can advise you all aspects of Live Streaming and help you set up your broadcast.

Video Producers

If you like to use video to make your point we would love to work with you. We do not care what side of an issue you stand, we want you to voice your opinion. Video is a great way to get your point accross. We can show you how to produce a live performance and take advantage of the equipment we have available.

Language Transcription

A large part of our communities are made up of non-english speaking residents. Their is little being done to get these peole involved with their communities. We are currently seeking someone who can do a LIVE Spanish translation of HMB City Council meetings. We would put the audio from the meeting on one channel and the Spanish translation on the other channel of our stereo audio signal. Viewers would be allowed to select the audio they widh to hear. We feel this would be a huge contribution to our Spanish speaking citizens.


Our service is performed by citizens who are willing to give up their time and energies to provide a public service. It cost us about $10 per hour to Live Stream meetings. Donations from the citizens of Half Moon Bay who make use of our service are greatly appreciated.

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